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Vacation Travel Planner

Vacation Travel PlannerOur vacation travel planning product is a revolutionary software system that, when integrated into your website, can provide you with enhanced functionality, revenue opportunity and ability to easily manage business and travel data. It provides your site with advanced travel planning features so that your visitors can easily and quickly locate lodging, dining, shopping, events, attractions and more.

It allows you to produce a first-rate user experience that can dramatically increase participation at your Website, while offloading the workload of managing and updating listings. At the same time, the Travel Planner can provide you with a new, enhanced revenue stream, such as profiting off of listings and on-line reservations.

This software has been under development since 1995 and powers websites including GoVermont.com.
  • A highly sophisticated user-interface that can significantly enhance your Website. Maps, drop-down menus and content build on the fly.
  • Member administration interface that allow your members to manage their own data: business descriptions, photographs, search criteria and more. This relieves you from managing content.
  • Relational mileage builder that determines proximity between businesses. Thus a user can search for lodging by selecting one town, a business, an event or attraction. The Planner then automatically compiles listings within a given radius. As an example, a visitor can request a listing of lodging within 20 miles of a given event or town.
  • AJAX-ified search results and clipboard functionality with auto-completing key word/phrase search criteria suggestions and search results plotted on interactive GoogleMaps.
  • New member interface that allows new members to join on-line, as well as make payments.
  • Designed to incorporate your Website look and feel; interfaces to Oracle, SQL Server or Access.
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