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e-Commerce On-line Store Package

e-Commerce On-line Store PackagePowered by the AbleCommerce store software engine, our customized e-Commerce package provides faciliated on-line retailing for businesses of all sizes. Paired with photo management technology that provides for multiple automatically-resized and formatted photos per product, websites powered by this package are both powerfully functional and graphically rich. Combined with other interactive components, such as our Content Management System, these eCommerce-enabled websites can be easily upgraded to fully administrated and dynamic storefronts.
  • Powerful product and category administrations. Products can be assigned to multiple categories for simplified management. Batching option makes implementing broad sweeping changes easy.
  • Sophisticated coupon and discounting software components for bargain promotion.
  • Currency management for intertational retailing.
  • Customer management provides for group management of users.
  • Email notification manager automatically informs customers about assigned events in the order fulfillment process.
  • Integration with Froogle feed.
  • Kitting function allows combinations of store products.
  • Gift-wrapping module provides for product-level management of gift packaging options.
  • Comprehensive order-management components.
  • Real-time or manual processing of managed payment methods.
  • Reports function provides valuable information about your store, including sales summaries and product popularity reports.
  • Shipping matrixes for complex S&H charge management or integrate your store with one or more major delivery agents.
  • Warehouse management for shipping from multiple destinations.
  • Vendor and affiliate management components.
  • Website preview option for product proofing.
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