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Newsletter Subscription & Broadcast Distribution System

Newsletter Subscription & Broadcast Distribution SystemBecause Broadcast e-Mail is such a powerful and important part of your on-line presence, we've designed a system that is far superior to the widely available cookie-cutter newsletter distrubution products that force the same design and software features on each and every client, regardless of how different their customers might be. It allows for seamless customization and integration into your website, facilitated interaction for both subscribers & newsletter adminstrators and custom message template options, so your newsletters can be every bit as unique and visually compelling as your website.

As an example, our real estate clients can mark new listings “for broadcast” when they create them — that evening a compiled edition of all new listings is sent to the portion of their newsletter subscribers list that wishes to receive new listing information. Our software supports multiple list subscriptions, so the section of their subscriber base that's instead interested in which listings have recently sold will periodically receive that information. We've integrated more traditional broadcast e-mail systems in our client websites to also save them the cost of subscribing to a separate service, yet allowing them to easily handle large subscription lists.

The newest version of our broadcast email product has been integrated with functions from our content management system and allows you to easily create a formatted e-mail message that can include multiple photos. Subscribers are easily managed and bounced messages are automatically processed to keep the subscriber database current.
  • Easy to use Web interface that integrates with our intuitive Content Management System.
  • Ability to compose HTML formatted messages through a visual editor that also allows cut and paste from Microsoft Word, which keeps your formatting fully intact.
  • Photo manager that prodives for uploading of photos to a library for later retrieval and allows for inserting into any given message at a specified size.
  • Advanced management of subscribers, including ability to search the database and remove lists of subscribers through a bulk removal interface.
  • Ability to save messages as draft, view past broadcasts and schedule future broadcasts.
  • Automatic processing of bounced e-mail messages, but also allows client access to the reply e-mail box.
  • Allows for a custom designed e-mail template that matches or compliments your website's look and feel. The design can be changed at any time through the Content Management System.
  • Can be configured for numerous subject subscriptions, allowing subscribers to choose the lists of interest to them.
  • Quick unsubscribe option included in all sent e-mails.
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