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Online Reservations

Online ReservationsOur online reservations product allows our clients to integrate sophisticated reservations technology into their Website quickly and at minimal cost without having to pay commissions for reservation transactions. We customize this product and integrate into our client Websites so that it meets our client’s precise specifications, and complements their usual way of doing business. It serves their on-line community well by allowing them to receive bookings through their Website, and at the same time, serves as an in-house productivity-enhancement tools that makes handling of reservations easier.

The reservations product has been in operation with Maho Bay Camps (www.Maho.org) in the US Virgin Islands since 2002, and with Acadia National Park of Bar Harbor, Maine since early 2004.

Our approach is unique to the industry in that we do not require commissions based on the reservations transacted, and this saves our clients significant revenue over the competitive commission-based systems.
  • Integrates into our Content Management System to provide intuitive setup and processing of reservations through simple-to-use forms.
  • Allows for setup of complex rate structures with a “rules” based approach that the client can intuitively manage.
  • Fully customized to meet our client unique needs and adapted to their Website to provide a streamlined integration.
  • Many features such as automated processing of credit cards, sophisticate calendars and integration with broadcast e-mail.
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