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Golden Books Family Entertainment - www.FindItQuick.com W. Hardy developed the technology for FindItQuick.com, an innovative web guide that served to specifically assist in children’s learning. A comprehensive content management system allowed Golden Books staff to manage copy and populate an Oracle database with thousands of content entries. This revolutionary and highly publicized website was developed to support a new set of factual children's books issued by Golden Books Family Entertainment.
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The Challenge:  Golden Books Family Entertainment needed a Website that would help children find information and answers to frequently asked questions on today's hottest topics. They asked us to help create a comprehensive Web guide, FindItQuick.com that specifically responds to each question the child asks and to each search he or she makes in an intelligent, specific manner.
The Solution:  We developed an interactive database technology which enabled FindItQuick.com to respond individually to each child's unique interests, while allowing Golden Books' staff to populate the site with an ever-growing library of age-appropriate books, online sources and web-links. In this way, the Website actually responds to each child’s actual inquiry while providing direct access to more in-depth information. As a teamed effort with Traction Interactive who provided layout design, this revolutionary and highly publicized Website supports a new set of factual children's books issued by Golden Books Entertainment.
  • A sophisticated Website that builds responses on-the-fly based on a child’s inquiry by integrating content from multiple sources.
  • Custom Content Management System that allows Golden Book’s staff to populate the site with various forms of content specific to each staff member’s own specialty.
  • Built for Oracle 8i.

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