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GoVermont.com - www.GoVermont.com We've been developing travel planning software since our founding in 1995. The new GoVermont.com represents more than a decade of commitment to the industry and reflects the trend in web technology known as Web 2.0. Featuring lodging from the Travelocity partner network and events directly from the State of Vermont, as well as our own database of mountain resorts, nordic ski centers, attractions and golf courses, it provides users with all the necessary information on their Green Mountain destination in any season. Technology features like AJAX-ified paging of search results and clipboard functionality, tab views, interactive maps and keyword auto-completion make for a unique and enriching user experience.
Visit GoVermont.com.
The Challenge:  Maintaining a state-wide base of lodging clients for our Vermont travel planner had been proving difficult for some time. The advent of Web 2.0 technologies like XML data interchange opened the door to third-party content integration and allowed for monetization on each reservation instead of on yearly memberships. Other newly developed software components helped to inspire a new vision for GoVermont.com.
The Solution:  By partnering with Travelocity on lodging content and maintaining our relationship with the State of Vermont to provide current events, while at the same time revising and enhancing our own custom database of mountain resorts, major regions, counties, nordic ski centers, towns, attractions and golf courses, we developed a comprehensive Vermont vacation travel planner. Advanced software components like AJAX-ified search results and clipboard functionality, auto-completing key word/phrase search suggestions and interactive maps contribute to a new and exciting experience for users. Other functions like a separate system for reviews add value and interactivity.
  • Lodging data provided by the Travelocity partner network.
  • Events content provided by the State of Vermont.
  • AJAX-ified search results and clipboard functionality.
  • Auto-completing key word/phrase search criteria suggestions.
  • Index of links to most popular key word/phrase searches.
  • Tabbed views of content areas for detailed lodging listings.
  • Search results plotted on interactive GoogleMaps.
  • Custom mapping of destinations on home pages.
  • Independent system for guest reviews and comments.

The GoVermont.com home page features navigation to mountain resorts, nordic ski centers, major regions, counties, towns and popular searches. The textual key word/phrase search box features AJAX-powered auto-completion, allowing users to navigate directly to pages that match their criteria. Here pages for towns, lodging, events and mountain resorts are being suggested.
Major regions, counties, towns, mountain resorts and cross country centers all have their own home pages. This is the Bromley Mountain home page, featuring mountain details, a map, nearby lodging and events. Lodging results are displayed in summary and are mapped together at the top of the page. Properties can be added to the user's clipboard at any time without reloading the page.
Detailed listings for lodging properties feature a tabbed view of descriptive copy, amenities, photos, a map and visitor reviews. Listings for upcoming events feature links to nearby lodging and can be added to the user's clipboard as well.

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