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Brunswick Harley-Davidson / Buell

Brunswick Harley-Davidson / Buell - www.BrunswickHarley.com W. Hardy produced a first-rate Harley-Davidson Website for this major motorcycle dealer. A new design was created and our inventory product was integrated into the site. A feature-rich Content Management System allows the client to upload and manage product inventory as well as change many forms of Website content through a series of simple-to-use forms.
Visit BrunswickHarley.com.
The Challenge:  Brunswick Harley-Davidson / Buell wanted complete control of their website. Since 2000 we've been developing and hosting websites for them and they've always been able to administrate a significant portion of the content. They also wanted to make their site faster and better search engine optimized.
The Solution:  We updated their design slightly and integrated our content management system, allowing them to administer almost every section of the 100+ pages on their website. We also implemented dynamic search engine optimization and migrated their database to a faster and more robust platform. In addition, we enhanced their email newsletter system.
  • New design incorporating the excitement of the Harley-Davidson image.
  • Content Management System allows staff to easily manage inventory and edit copy.
  • Advanced broadcast e-mail utility that allows staff to maintain contact with site visitors.

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