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Sun Microsystems — Collaboration Service

Sun Microsystems — Collaboration Service W. Hardy has had an ongoing relationship with Sun Microsystems since 2004. We were initially hired to develop a 12-article “Learning Curve” series on Java technology, and to host and manage an Instant Messaging system for Sun developers on www.java.net. Today we continue to write articles and host the collaboration service. In addition, we have developed Flash Quick Tours that highlight the features of both the NetBeans and Java Studio Creator IDE’s. We also provide hosting and project management services to help Sun manage and deploy Web 2.0 applications. We work with Sun on various leading technologies including Java and Ajax, and work closely on their software products including GlassFish, Solaris, and Application and Collaboration servers.
The Challenge:  Sun Microsystems required an outside hosting company to build, host, maintain and manage their on-line collaboration service. This service is a powerful component which is integrated into Sun’s development tools: Sun Studio Enterprise and the open-source tool, NetBeans. The collaboration services allows developers to connect over the Internet and dialog over their development process, while also being able to view each others code and programming in real time. It is an important process for allowing Java developers to collaborate while developing projects regardless of their location.
The Solution:  W. Hardy Interactive worked closely with Sun engineering while the collaboration service was being developed. We then jointly built a 4-server, load balanced system capable of accepting 15,000 concurrent users. It uses Sun software deployed on the Solaris operating system: the Java Enterprise Systems (JES) including Instant Messaging Server, Access Manager and Directory Server. We continue to host the system in-house, and manage it on a daily basis. Custom reporting was also developed that allows Sun management to quickly view and analyze activity.
  • W. Hardy Interactive provides managed hosting services to Sun Microsystems allowing Java developers to jointly collaborate and file-share on-line.
  • The collaboration system is hosted in-house, load-balanced including four servers.
  • Custom metrics generated weekly by importing activity data into Microsoft SQL Server and running custom ColdFusion scripts.
  • W. Hardy Interactive also manages Sun Microsystems’ Web 2.0 deployments.
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