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VCP Sotheby's International Realty

VCP Sotheby's International Realty - www.VermontCountryProperties.com We've been developing websites for Vermont Country Properties since they were Stratton Properties, a small new brokerage serving a single mountain resort area. Today they are a Sotheby's affiliate and a market leader state-wide, with six regional offices. Their websites have always featured the very latest in interactive technologies. The newest VermontCountryProperties.com reflects a decade of commitment to real estate software development, including newly emerging Web 2.0 technologies. Its scalable architecture also provides for supplemental websites focused on specific market subsets to be quickly and easily managed and published.
Visit VermontCountryProperties.com.
The Challenge:  The time had come for Vermont Country Properties to expand the focus of their website at VermontCountryProperties.com from their six regional offices to a full set of geographical selections, lifestyle amenities and property types. At the same time they needed to re-brand their site, having recently established themselves a Sotheby's International Realty affiliate. Search engine optimization (SEO) was of critical importance as they prepared to enter the state-wide real estate market. They were also hoping to take advantage of additional domain names related to specific market subsets.
The Solution:  We took this opportunity to re-invent their website, beginning at the most basic level. Starting with a fresh, new Sotheby's-inspired design, we built a website that provides a unique and enriching experience for users, who can select any combination of major geographical regions, resorts & destinations, offices, towns, lifestyle amenities, property types and price ranges to browse only the property listings that truly match their unique search criteria. Property data comes from two multiple listing service vendors, as well as from VCP Sotheby's private database of properties. Listings feature animated photo galleries with large format versions for exclusive properties. Other components like AJAX-ified clipboard functionality and GoogleMaps take advantage of the latest in Web 2.0 technologies. The new product architecture has created over 500,000 unique pages as indexed by spiders, putting them at the top of search results. In addition, we developed an auxiliary system that allows for new websites to be published by simply selecting the property search criteria that best matches the new domain name.
  • Multiple selection of property search criteria including major regions, resort areas, towns, lifestyle choice amenities, property types and price ranges.
  • Property data integrated from three sources: the Vermont Real Estate Information Network (VREIN), the Northern New England Real Estate Network (NNEREN) and Vermont Country Properties' own enhanced exclusive listing database.
  • Clipboard functionality is AJAX-ified, allowing properties to be added and removed from the clipboard without needing to reload the page.
  • Multiple sorting options for property search results with order toggling.
  • Geolocated properties plotted both together and separately in GoogleMaps.
  • Detailed property listings feature animated Flash/SlideShowPro photo galleries with navigable Lightbox-enabled large format versions for VCP exclusives.
  • Printable HTML and Adobe PDF versions for each listing, which can also be viewed separated and saved or immediately sent by email to a friend.
  • Upgraded eListings newsletter technology allows for selected search criteria to translate directly to receiving matching new listings as often as daily via email.
  • On-line administration for information request management with archives.
  • AJAX-enabled auto-completing key word/phrase search functionality.
  • Seasonal real estate property rentals for select office regions.
  • Additional information available in our recent press release.

The VermontCountryProperties home page features an animated slideshow of luxury Vermont real estate for sale... ...as well as tabbed overlays that provide graphical search indices for various search criteria types. There's also a newsletter subscription form using a Lightbox-type popup layer effect.
Major regions, resorts & destinations, towns, offices and the land and commercial property types each have a home page, featuring managed contents and a sortable list of corresponding exclusive listings. Search results pages feature textual confirmation of search criteria and a map that plots all geolocated properties in search results on a GoogleMap, with popup balloons featuring summary information.
Individual listings feature animated slideshows, printable versions, Adobe PDF format versions, email-to-friend functionality and local-level GoogleMaps. Exclusive listings have larger versions of photographs that pop up on a new layer and can be scrolled through, forwards and back. To return to the listing, users need only click outside the image or on the Close button.

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