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Maho Bay Camps, Inc.

Maho Bay Camps, Inc. - www.Maho.org Having previously written software for this U.S. Virgin Islands destination eco-resort, we recently formed a partnership with Maho Bay Camps under which we would first assume hosting and maintenance of their website, www.Maho.org, then enhance the site with design revisions and new software, including our eNewsletter Subscription & Broadcast package and our new online Availability & Reservations system.
Visit Maho.org.
The Challenge:  With four eco-resorts on St. John in the US Virgin Islands, Maho Bay Camps, Inc. sought to brand their image to the thousands of weekly online visitors plus incorporate technology that allows guests to check availability & book vacations on-line. Maho staff needed an easy way to manage online availability and bookings, broadcast e-mail, and the myriad applications they receive for their work-exchange program.
The Solution:  We created a comprehensive new Website and designed custom reservation software that allows visitors to check availability and book their stay on-line. The new Website incorporates many advanced features including a way for guests and visitors to interact with the Maho experience through the exchange of personal information and photographs. We made it easy for Maho staff to manage their new site and streamlined data flow by allowing them to mark, reply, group and forward work-exchange applications to various departments for review.
  • Advanced Website design that brands the Maho image through the use of photography, and links together the four resort destinations.
  • Custom designed online reservations that allows Maho staff to manage availability, and allows visitors to book their stay through the Website.
  • Custom designed Intranet that allows Maho staff to manage the Website and serves as a productivity enhancement tool.
  • Interactive features that include events management, press release management, on-line guest book, photo exchange and wall paper download.
  • Flash based movie to help brand the Maho experience.
  • On-line Contact Request management and archives.
  • Advanced in-house hosting for the Website and Intranet, including broadcast e-mail and staff e-mail services.
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