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AuthorFriendly-Powered Websites

AuthorFriendly-Powered Websites - www.AuthorFriendly.com Our AuthorFriendly software product allows authors to quickly and easily build and manage web sites featuring a comprehensive array of sophisticated technology components including a complete eCommerce bookstore. The list of AuthorFriendly websites includes contemporary writer Carla King's CarlaKing.com, noted author and psychologist Anton G. Hardy's AGHardy.com, author Lulu Gordon's LuluGordon.com, award-winning travel writer Jacqueline Harmon Butler's JacquelineHarmonButler.com and psychotherapist David J. Wallin's AttachmentInPsychotherapy.com.
Visit AuthorFriendly.com.
The Challenge:  Having developed websites for the release of best-selling author Richard Tarnas' Cosmos and Psyche and Robert A. & Robert B. Fletcher's coffee-table book Remembrance, when we were approached by additional authors about building new web sites to promote their books, our newest web software product, AuthorFriendly, an all-in-one website solution for authors and their works, went into development.
The Solution:  First author and psychologist Dr. Anton G. Hardy's AGHardy.com, then contemporary motorcycle travel writer Carla King's CarlaKing.com, award-winning travel writer Jacqueline Harmon Butler's JacquelineHarmonButler.com and now acclaimed psychotherapist David J. Wallin's AttachmentInPsychotherapy.com, the list of members and their AuthorFriendly-powered websites continues to grow.
  • Quickly and easily build a new website using a standard template from our design library or a custom look based on the art from your book's cover.
  • An online bookstore lets you sell your books and related products with automated credit card processing, shipping & handling and tax calculations.
  • A password-protected administration allowing you change your website's content (including photographs) at any time and from any connected web browser.
  • Build your community using an integrated e-mail newsletter subscription & broadcast distribution suite, news/blog article publishing system, reader reviews with administration and contact/information request submission & management.
  • Dynamic search engine optimization (SEO) plus additional content management features for meta data help to optimize your site's search engine ranking.
  • Options available for digital distribution of books, magazines and other content.
  • Easily monitor site popularity with daily and monthly website statistics reports.

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