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New Website Released for Brunswick Harley-Davidson of Troy, NY


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New Website Released for Brunswick Harley-Davidson of Troy, NY

MANCHESTER, VT [April 12, 2002] - W. Hardy Interactive, Inc. (WHardy) today announced that it has released a newly revised Website for Brunswick Harley-Davidson of Troy, NY.

The new Website was design to support a growing base of motorcycle enthusiasts. By integrating our Inventory Product, the new Website allows Brunswick Harley-Davidson to post and manage product inventory, keep in contact with their customers, and generate new interests.

The inventory package allows Brunswick Harley-Davidson staff to upload new motorcycle product information, clothing and accessories. Through our Content Management System, staff members can manage inventory and also create and manage sub-categories by accessing a series of simple-to-use forms. The Website then dynamically responds with current inventory and builds categories based on those defined by staff, such as used bikes, new bikes and various clothing sub-categories.

Brunswick Harley-Davidson staff can flag key inventory items as “featured” so that new and custom motorcycles appear on the Website’s home page. Our new proprietary technology also allows staff members to upload photographs and then adjust, size and crop photos on the fly for the best possible look and placement within a product.

WHardy also integrated Harley Davidson corporate design requirements, which has allowed the site to become officially approved and sponsored by Harley-Davidson.

This is the second revision on this Website; the original Website was released June, 2001. The new Website is located on the Web at www.BrunswickHarley.com.

W. Hardy Interactive, Inc is a premier producer of interactive, database driven web sites and products. Cutting edge technology produced by the company's development team enables web sites to build unique content on-the-fly based on individual user’s interests, specific demographics and search criteria. It also supports advanced shopping cart and e-commerce transactions. W. Hardy Interactive has created and supports a growing number of popular Vermont web sites including state-sponsored SkiVermont.com; the Manchester Chamber of Commerce Website, ManchesterVermont.net; and an advanced real estate directory for Stratton Properties at StrattonProperties.com and StrattonRentals.com. On a national level, W. Hardy Interactive has created and produced numerous interactive technology projects for such clients as TWA, IBM, and E-Stamp. For further information please contact Walter Hardy at (802) 609-1000.

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