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Maho Bay Camps and Estate Concordia Preserve Launch New Websites


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Maho Bay Camps and Estate Concordia Preserve Launch New Websites

ST. JOHN, USVI [October 1, 2009] - W. Hardy Interactive, Inc. (WHardy) today announced the release of a new, fully updated edition of our popular website at Maho.org. We first launched this website in 2004 and have since built much innovative technology including an on-line reservations system that incorporates their unique system of Caribbean dwellings. The website also includes a comprehensive back-end management system that allows staff to manage the over 2,000 work applications received each year for their 4-hour worker program.

Maho Bay Camps and Estate Concordia Preserve are two eco-resorts located on St. John in the US Virgin Islands. Guests stay in dwellings constructed primarily of recycled materials, powered by green energy sources, and built with site sensitive techniques that allow a full immersion in nature without disrupting it.

A culmination of a 10 year relationship, the most recent upgrades to the website includes a new look and feel, revised content, and new features. The full featured back end administration incorporates our advanced Content Management System. Here Maho staff can easily manage an advanced photo gallery system which allows visitors to add their own stories and exchange photos online forever preserving the memories of their stay. Other productivity tools in our Content Management System allow Maho staff to administrate the online store, manage reservation requests, deploy newsletters, manage job applications and more.

A sister site for Estate Concordia Preserve was also launched at EstateConcordiaPreserveVillas.com today. This site offers information on the efforts to continue low impact development in the fragile eco-systems adjacent to the Virgin Islands National Park in Estate Concordia, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI).

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