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W. Hardy Expands Hosting Environment and Service Offerings


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W. Hardy Interactive Expands its Hosting Environment and Service Offerings

MANCHESTER, VT [Jun. 15, 2004] - W. Hardy Interactive (WHardy) today announced it has completed expansion of its hosting service offerings. Through the completion of both a hardware and software upgrade, and an increase of Internet connectivity, WHardy is able to provide state-of-the-art Web, Intranet and e-mail services to its clients.

Hardware was upgraded to high-speed Dell PowerEdge Servers, providing many layers of hardware replication. In addition, the hosting environment was relocated to a high-end datacenter in San Francisco, providing gigabit fiber conductivity to five Internet backbones for maximum speed and redundancy. The multihomed Internet connectivity provides fast routing across the US, Europe and Asia. This is especially beneficial for Intranet hosting services, which are provided to WHARDY clients across the US, including the US Virgin Islands.

In addition, upgraded servers allow for high-performance Microsoft SQL Server hosting and database connectivity.

Software upgrades include advanced Web mail and calendaring. In addition WHardy has released a new edition of its custom broadcast e-mail software, which allows WHardy client to integrate and manage newsletter distribution lists with their Websites.

The upgraded hosting environment allows W. Hardy to offer state-of-the-art solutions to its clients, including Web, e-mail and Intranet hosting. This complements the company programming services by allowing high standards of design and customization.

W. Hardy Interactive, Inc is a premier producer of interactive, database driven web sites and products. Cutting edge technology produced by the company's development team enables web sites to build unique content on-the-fly based on individual user’s interests, specific demographics and search criteria. It also supports advanced shopping cart and e-commerce transactions. WHardy has created and supports a growing number of popular Vermont web sites including state-sponsored SkiVermont.com; the Manchester Chamber of Commerce Website, ManchesterVermont.net; and an advanced real estate directory for Stratton Properties at StrattonProperties.com and StrattonRentals.com. On a national level, WHardy has created and produced numerous interactive technology projects for such clients as TWA, IBM, and E-Stamp. For further information please contact Walter Hardy at (802) 609-1000.

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